Clean energy law firm, Lux Nova Partners, a member of the Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management, has drafted a suite of template heat contracts for use by anyone involved in a district heating scheme. In drafting the contracts, Lux Nova Partners undertook two rounds of consultation and have developed the documents further to take on board feed-back received. Whilst the work was commissioned by BEIS, the contracts are not endorsed in any way by BEIS.

The template contracts will require tailoring to any particular project but they are intended to provide a useful and advanced starting point to contract creation and negotiation, with helpful drafting notes included.  The aim is that publication of template contracts will help to raise standards and reduce the costs associated with developing, or funding, district heating schemes.

Template Contracts

Note: the suite of contracts does not cover project ownership or partnership models.

View the changes to the SOMS here.

Guidance on using the Template Contracts found here.

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