The GHNF is a grant-only scheme, available to applicants from the private and public sectors in England, disbursed over 11 quarterly funding Rounds across the financial years 2022-25. The application deadline dates are provided below.

Please read the the Application Guidance for more information about the Green Heat Network Fund and how to apply. To request the GHNF Application Pack which includes the Application Form, please click the button below to email

If you are considering an application please complete the Expression of Interest below. We recommend attending an application seminar and requesting a meeting with our relationship managers to discuss your application before preparing your submission.

Application Dates

The following table details the timescales for the GHNF funding rounds during the three years of operation.

GHNF Application Rounds Final Submission Date for Inclusion in Round
Round 1 27 May 2022
Round 2 26 August 2022
Round 3 25 November 2022
Round 4 24 February 2023
Round 5 26 May 2023
Round 6 25 August 2023
Round 7 24 November 2023
Round 8 23 February 2024
Round 9 24 May 2024
Round 10 30 August 2024
Round 11 29 November 2024

Please get in touch if you are thinking about applying.

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