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The Application Form is to be completed by applicants wishing to apply for HNIP funding. HNIP is a two-stage process made up of a pre-application to determine project eligibility, followed by a full application. During the full application stage projects will be assessed against the HNIP scored criteria as part of a competitive process to establish which ones best demonstrate value for money and contribute to the aims and objectives of the HNIP scheme. To ensure that only high-quality schemes are awarded HNIP funding, only successful pre-application projects will be eligible to submit a full application.

Applications will need to be submitted through the Data and Application System (DAS), which can be accessed here. To submit your pre-application, you will first need to register an account. This process is explained fully in the Guidance Document.

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Application Dates

Applicants are encouraged to submit their pre-application as early as possible and to complete their applications as soon as their project is sufficiently developed.

Round 3:

Friday 20th September 2019: Pre-application deadline for funding round 3
Friday 18th October 2019: Full application deadline for funding round 3
November / December 2019: Investment Committee will convene to award funding

Round 4:

Wednesday 4th December 2019: Pre-application deadline for funding round 4
Friday 3rd January 2020: Full application deadline for funding round 4
February 2020: Investment Committee will convene to award funding

Applications received after this date will be considered in subsequent funding rounds that will continue on a quarterly cycle until the scheme closes. Applications (and pre-applications) can be made at any time so please get in touch if you are thinking about applying.


BEIS and Triple Point Heat Networks Investment Management have jointly published Application Guidance and an Application Form.

The Guidance Document enables applicants to understand the application process from start to finish. The document includes information on how the scheme will operate, the eligibility criteria, how applications are to be made, and how they will be scored and assessed. More resources can be found on our resources page.

Experienced Business Development Managers (BDMs) are available to support applicants prior to and during the pre-application stages of the application process. Applicants are actively encouraged to engage with BDMs at the earliest practicable opportunity in order to derive maximum benefit. To discuss an application in more detail and to speak to one of our BDMs, please contact us via our contact form or by email to

To attend one of our application seminars contact or visit our events page.

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