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Energetik, North London Waste Authority (NLWA) and London Energy Limited (LEL) come together to guarantee very low carbon heat to more than 10,000 local homes and businesses.


In 2020, the Heat Networks Investment Project gladly awarded £14.47 million of funding to Energetik, recognising the scale of benefits which would be delivered by the Meridian Water heat network. The construction funding will support the development of 8.9km of heat network piping to supply low carbon heat to thousands of homes on the development, with scope to expand as time goes on.

Energetik’s ambition to capture and make use of otherwise wasted heat – a by-product of electricity generation – has now been cemented through a long-term heat supply agreement, signed by Energetik, North London Waste Authority (NLWA), and London Energy Limited (LEL).

An official agreement with the North London Waste Authority has secured the use of up to 60MW of heat provided by the future Energy Recovery Facility (ERF) at Edmonton Eco-Park. Initally 10,000 future homes and businesses connected to the Meridian Water Heat Network will benefit from a local, low carbon heat supply, reducing their carbon footprint from heat by up to 92.3%* and removing local contribution to additional NOx emissions that cause poor air quality. The network is built to expand and has the capacity to serve over 30,000 homes as the heat network expands throughout its lifetime.

With works due to begin early this year, the Meridian Water heat network will initially provide heat using temporary boilers but will later make use of the very low carbon heat source through its connection to the North London Waste Authority’s (NLWA) new Energy Recycling Facility (ERF) once complete in 2026.

This sustainable heating solution strengthens Enfield Council’s plans to address the climate emergency and will deliver a significant benefit to those in the community. The agreement consequently supports the council’s 2020 Climate Action Plan, the Mayor of London’s Environment Plan, and the UK’s net zero target.

Heat Networks, such as at the Meridian Water development, will play a strategic role in reducing UK greenhouse gas emissions, a third of which currently comes from heating homes and businesses.


Jayne Clare, Managing Director at Energetik says:

Finalising this agreement marks a major milestone for Energetik and all our partners. It will allow Energetik to utilise a local, sustainable heat source and supply thousands of homes with low carbon heat and hot water, generating huge carbon savings and contributing towards Enfield’s climate action plan objectives.


You can read more about the projects funded by the Heat Networks Investment Project here.

For Energetik’s press release on the agreement, click here.

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