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Residents across Enfield and beyond are now a step closer to low carbon heating as Energetik reaches a major landmark in the development of its Meridian Water Heat Network.

Enfield Council and Energetik have benefitted from two rounds of funding totalling over £38 million from the Heat Networks Investment Project (HNIP), which is helping to build and extend heat networks to the north and west of Meridian Water. The £80 million project will eventually extend through to Enfield Town, and westwards through to Arnos Grove and Oakwood.

Harnessing and distributing waste heat from the nearby North London Waste Authority (NLWA) Energy Recovery Facility, the energy centre will soon deliver low carbon heating and hot water to tens of thousands of homes across and beyond Enfield. This will be equivalent to a 90% carbon reduction when compared with individual gas boilers, and 60% when compared with heat pumps.

The energy centre has the capacity to provide up to 60,000 homes with low carbon heat, helping Enfield and the UK achieve its net zero targets. Energetik’s new heat network is forecast to save over 6,100 tCo2e of emissions annually, which will increase as more buildings are connected in the future – Energetik’s main heat network is forecast to last 80+ years, helping to provide low-carbon infrastructure for the next generation.

We are excited to see the project progress and look forward to the growth of low carbon heat across Enfield and beyond.

Jayne Clare, Managing Director of Energetik, said:

We’re really excited about the completion of our flagship Meridian Water energy centre, as it represents the culmination of nearly a decade’s work to get to where we are now. The energy centre will play a vital role in decarbonizing Enfield and north London, with capacity to provide low-carbon heat to tens of thousands of connected homes and businesses for generations to come.

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