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Amongst the first seven heat network projects to secure a share of HNIP funding, Bristol City Council was successful in applying for £3.6m for an extension to the Bristol Redcliffe network. The original network was completed in 2016 with additional extensions being delivered since then to coincide with significant highways works carried out in the area. The secured HNIP funding has enabled the Council to expand the network and to build an additional energy centre to connect a number of new commercial developments, though the current COVID-19 situation has meant that the internal energy centre works have been put on hold.

The main energy centre contractor initially paused work due to suspected COVID-19 and subsequently stopped all work across the UK in response to the Pandemic. However, the energy centre works had significantly progressed before the lockdown and the second energy centre is now connected to the first (subject to completion of internal M&E works). The remaining heat network construction contract is currently paused as negotiations continue with the new developments that will be connecting to the heat network continues and timetables for these new construction projects are revised in light of the pandemic. The project team has converted to using conference call facilities (a lot!) and all contractors are socially distancing. We are pleased to report that the project is slightly ahead of schedule.

The HNIP team looks forward to working with more heat networks projects as the scheme continues in its sixth funding round. Those considering an application are encouraged to make use of a long list of resources and guidance available on and are encouraged to reach out to the project team by contacting

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